Thursday, September 06, 2012

Boys Go Biking

Brian and Keith wanted to do something special to welcome Aaron into the family before he and Heather get married in the end of September. With Brian taking the reins for planning the event, it not surprisingly became a sixty mile bicycling adventure!

The three guys set off on Sunday morning for their ride with a plan to meet the rest of us at their destination, the Debonne Winery and Cellar Rats Brewery.

Keith, Brian and Aaron suited up for their adventure. Aaron feels extra special being allowed to borrow Carl's titanium recumbent!

The rest of the family arrives to the winery first and we enjoy live music and dancing!

The kids play on the shady lawns and climb trees.

And the boys arrive safely back from their adventure and we fill them with beer and food!

Having survived his initiation into the McMillin clan, Aaron is now free to marry his sweetheart :)

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