Saturday, August 11, 2012


Most everyone has always thought that Ari looks like a McMillin.  After Grammy Jan dug out some of Brian's baby photos, the resemblance has been definitively confirmed, right down to the dimples!

Ari and Brian are both around 4-5 months old in the above photos. When Riker was small I posted one of my baby photos - you can see it here for reference.

Milestone report:
At ten months, Ari crawls at lighting speed, cruises along the furniture, stands on his own for a decent amount of time, reaches door knobs when standing on his tip toes, is seriously opinionated about what he wants (and exercises his lungs when he doesn't get it), eats only when he can feed himself and frequently exclaims BUH BUH with gusto.  He continues to adore his big brother and is thankfully becoming a more interesting playmate to him every day!


  1. wow, the resemblance is incredible!
    so much cuteness!

  2. Yes, that's amazing! What a great record for Ari.