Sunday, August 12, 2012

Great Lakes Science Center

Today we spent the afternoon at the Great Lakes Science Center.  I've really been enjoying the opportunity to visit a number of places that we might not make the effort to get to without kids.   

Having seen lots of hot air balloons over our house in Canberra, Riker enjoyed the exhibit where the balloon would float up to the ceiling at the touch of a button.

We spent the first part of the afternoon at a special exhibit about frogs. I can't tell you the names of most of the frogs below because I didn't manage to take notes (imagine that), but cool to see nonetheless.

Poison Dart frogs

 Another Poison Dart frog

 Ari and Riker play at the wall of gears.  Riker LOVES clocks!

Riker, Gavin and Edward in the ball pit feeding balls into the tube that sucks them up and shoots them into a bucket overhead.  With the pull of a lever you can open up the bucket and dump them all back into the pit.

We spent lots of time poking around amongst the various really awesome gadgets demonstrating all sorts of interesting phenomena including the science of light, optics, sound, resonance, motion, mechanics, electricity, magnetism and weather.  We saw Flying Monsters with David Attenborough in the IMAX theater but the kids didn't make it all the way through even though we thought they'd really like the movie about dinosaurs.  Three out of four kids were asleep by the time we got back to the Mother Ship so it must have been another good day!


  1. It's national science week here, and we're immersing ourselves in science-y activities too. I'm so glad to have the kids to entertain/teach, else I would crawl up in a ball and wither away.

    1. Yes I'm sure they keep your mind and body very busy! I think of you all the time and while you'd be forgiven for curling up in a ball and withering, I and so many others are glad you're still plodding along. Love and light to you.