Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Deer Friends

I've now seen lots of kangaroos in the wild and I'm certain I'll never get tired of seeing them.  Especially when there's a joey peeking out of the pouch.  And even though I've seen hundreds of deer in my life, I'm pretty sure I'll never tire of seeing them either. I think in both cases it must have something to do with their large size, bright eyes, perky ears and friendly vegetarian demeanor that has me and so many others enchanted.

Riker and I spotted this large buck (and his harem) in our friend's suburban housing development after a morning play date earlier this week. 

Like kangaroos, deer face serious issues of overpopulation due to shrinking habitat.  For this reason, both can frequently be seen nibbling away at greenery in one's backyard.  In fact, here in Ohio, I once had a deer come up on to the back deck to eat my ripe tomatoes right out of their planter boxes!  I was furious when I discovered the damage in the morning, but was somewhat placated to discover that they were kind enough to have left a yellow post-it-note saying: 
Thanks for the tomatoes.  
The Deer
I suppose I can be willing to share a few of my tomatoes as long as they are willing to stay put long enough for a good photo op now and then.  Enough with the culling - I knew there was a way to come to an agreement about how to coexist peaceably!

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