Thursday, July 26, 2012

Long Time No See

Between the swiftly moving nature of time, the baby pulling the laptop off of the kitchen island and some recent travels, I realize I haven't shared any adventures in over a month!  So before I start catch-up posting, I thought I'd give a brief overview of what we've been doing with ourselves over the past few weeks.

Ari has been busy learning all sorts of new tricks.  He figured out how to crawl when we were in Minnesota, just days after his eight month birthday.  I was so glad that Grandma Betty got to be present for that awesome accomplishment!  He's now ten months old (as of today actually) and pulling himself up to standing on anything and everything he can get his hands on.  The other day after his nap, he crawled at high speed down the hallway into the bathroom, pulled himself up beside the bathtub and turned the water on.  I took the hint and let him have a splash in the bath. 

After Minnesota, we traveled back to Cleveland, stopping to visit our friends, Joosh and Merry, on their solar Dream Farm in Michigan on the way.  Once back in Ohio, we got ourselves ready for a camping trip in the Tennessee Appalachian mountains.  More on that soon.

Since then, we've been enjoying spending time with Brian's family again and letting all six cousins play together frequently.  We've been to playgrounds, water parks, the beach, the pool and the zoo and we've eaten lots of tasty food.  We've had a visit from one of Brian's longtime friends and we've gone on bike and train rides (though Ari didn't love his first bike ride in the trailer so we'll have to try that again another day). 

We said farewell to my sister-in-law's father at his burial, officiated by  Joan (who also happened to marry us all those years ago).  A sad occasion to be sure but he'd have been delighted by the words of his children and the antics of his grandchildren. And on the brighter side, we were all able to catch up with Joan and Ross who came in from New York and graced us with their kindness and stories. 

So lots going on and we're feeling awfully busy for being on holiday.  More photos and stories in upcoming posts.