Sunday, June 17, 2012

Barn Party

Our stay in Litchfield was extended slightly when we heard that our friends Kristi and Tim were having a barn party.  Both they and the barn hold a special place in our hearts as we had our wedding reception in the loft of the barn on the night of the harvest moon back in September 2002.  We all put a lot of effort into cleaning and fixing up the barn for that night and now that it has a stage with lighting and a sound system, it's perfect for bands and DJs - in fact I'm pretty sure the coolest parties in Litchfield are all at the barn!

Just for fun, here's a flashback of the barn inside and out for our wedding almost a decade ago!

Since my friend Nicole was flying in from California for the weekend, we spent Saturday afternoon at my friend Jessica's house which meant that I was able to catch up with two of my best friends from high school. The photos below of the afternoon and barn party in the evening are all courtesy of the lovely and talented Nicole Jackson.  Thanks for sharing my friend - great to see you!

Then it was off to the barn party. We hired a babysitter for the evening and she watched our kids in the house while we listened to music and caught up with old friends. 

The hosts, Kristi and Tim, play with their band, Right Lane Ends. 

Nash Kato from Urge Overkill joins in for a set.

Our grapevine ball lights still hang from the ceiling.  As usual, an awesome party.  I still can't believe I stayed up until 4am!

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