Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Litchfield Lakehouse

We're really enjoying ourselves here in Litchfield in part because we're staying in a holiday house on a lake just outside of town.  It's great to have our own space again and to have time to relax.  In Cleveland, things were a bit of a blur because Brian spent so many hours working on the house we own, getting it ready to put on the market and because I spent many days helping his mom to watch the other grand kids, which could be a bit of a zoo to say the least!

In true small town style, the house is owned by the uncle of my very dear friend, Kristi, and her cousin, who grew up in the house, was in my graduating class.   We've been getting to know the next door neighbors a little too - they've taken us on a sunset cruise on their new pontoon and we've shared our mead in return.  Love small town friendliness. 

Ari and our beautiful home for the month of May

Sunset on the lake

Loving the lush green grass everywhere!

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