Sunday, April 01, 2012


Ari has been breezing past milestones right and left. Despite my best intentions to document them carefully, I've never managed to keep a baby book for either of my children.  Fortunately though, I'm able to refer to my blog and find out when Riker was doing similar things. So for the record, here's what Ari has been up to lately.

Teeth. He got his first tooth just before he turned five months old and he's now working on his third tooth.  They're really sharp and I have the marks on my shoulder to prove it :)

Sitting. For several weeks we'd been saying that he was nearly ready to sit up on his own. Then only a few days after we arrived in the US, I was up with a wide awake baby for several hours in the middle of the night and I happened to plonk him down on the carpet only to find that he could indeed sit up all by himself. And not just for a few seconds - he sat there happily playing for at least twenty minutes!

Solids. On March 26th (25th here in the US - that's going to be confusing for the poor kid someday) he turned six months old.  Since this is the recommended age for starting solids, I'm now slowly introducing new foods. He's been very interested in what we've been eating for a while now and I may have started a bit sooner but I've been so busy with the packing and moving that I couldn't get it together to start solids until now. Unlike Riker who wasn't interested until he was about ten months old, Ari opens his mouth and practically begs for food. So far he's tried banana, sweet potato, brown rice cereal and avocado all to his great satisfaction.

Love you sweet little happy boy! Keep up the good work!

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  1. It's a great way to record his milestones! Happy anniversary, Riker!