Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Better Late than Never

As I was sorting through some papers before moving, I found a document that outlined the responsibilities of the Rotary Ambassadorial Scholar before, during and after the scholarship period. It listed a number of tasks such as submit pre-departure documents, get to know the service projects of the host club and give the required number of presentations when abroad.  I scanned the list and thought check, check and check.  Then I noticed the first item under responsibilities after the scholarship period.  It stated simply, return home.  Oops, must have missed that one in the orientation sessions.

Last time we were home for a visit, I did try to do a presentation at the Cleveland club, but it was during the Christmas holidays and the club wasn't meeting.  So, when I received an email asking for participants in a panel session at the District 6630 conference in mid April, I was delighted to realize that I would be in the country and available to speak!

I really enjoyed the chance to connect with Cleveland Rotarians once again and to meet some fellow scholars and hear about their (equally positive) experiences.  

With Laura, who studied in Buenos Aires and Alex, an inbound scholar from Germany studying at Case Western.  Thanks to Alex for the photo. 

With two of my very favorite Rotarians, Deb, the scholarship coordinator and Jay, the District Governor during my study year. 

After the session I was pleased to meet next years outgoing Ambassadorial Scholar who will be traveling to Australia with her husband to study in Sydney.  We, of course, had a very long chat about universities, visas, housing, traveling and kangaroos and it was fun to remember that giddy feeling of preparing to go down under way back in 2005 when I learned that I was selected to go abroad.  It seems like ages ago and only yesterday all at the same time.  So many doors have been opened to me as a result of this experience and I'm so incredibly grateful for the opportunities I've had and friends I've made, all thanks to Rotary. 

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