Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Our friend Chris came up from Melbourne to visit us on our first weekend in Australia, way back in February of 2006.  He helped us stock our fridge, get some cheap bikes and identify giant spiders.  Since then we've had a number of fun adventures with him including a visit to Melbourne, an Australia Day weekend to Jervis Bay, another visit to Melbourne and a cycling adventure around Tasmania.  He's visited us several times in Canberra and he joined us on the Great Ocean Road leg of the McMillin family holiday in September 2006.

A few weeks ago, Chris flew up to Canberra for what we thought would be the last visit before our departure to the US.  Except that we decided he would be the perfect recipient for Brian's adsorption chiller, which I mentioned briefly in Backyard Living.  So on our second to last weekend in Australia, Chris drove up to collect the freezer and various bits of the work still in progress.  And, while in 2006 he helped us to stock our cupboards, in 2012 we sent him off with the groceries we won't be able to use up in the next week.  I find the symmetry rather pleasing. 

We've enjoyed catching up with a number of other friends lately as well.

 Coral, bringer of chocolate eggs and play dough, has a friend for life

 The lovely Beth

And last but not least, my most favorite of all the awesome and colorful birds in this country, the Gang Gang Cockatoos have been visiting the trees in front of our house. More great photos and video of my feathery friends in previous seasons can be found here

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