Friday, March 02, 2012

Trifecta of Unfortunateness

Moving house. Torrential rain. Sick family.

It's been quite a week.  Most of it was spent moving our things in the constantly pouring rain.  The only help we had was when our friend Janette and Riker's nanny each entertained Riker for an hour or two.  Our landlord then kept asking us to do more and more things around the house and yard, but in the end we got most of our bond back, thanks in no small part to meticulous cleaning skills inherited from my mother.  And with that we handed over the keys to the house we brought both of our babies home to.

We're now living out of suitcases amidst mountains of boxes while house sitting for our friends next door until we depart for the US. We're very grateful to Robyn and Leigh for offering their home to us while they travel in China so that we could avoid moving hassles in the days before international travel.

As if a week of packing, moving and cleaning in the rain wasn't enough, we've all been in varying states of illness.  A visit to the doctor confirmed that it's a viral thing, and so we wait it out.  Ari has been up most of the last two nights, crying and sobbing miserably.  If he slept, it was fitfully and only when he was latched on to me.  Tired beyond belief, I paced the kitchen with an eye on the horizon.  Turns out a watched sun is a lot like a watched pot. 

Finally, the sun did indeed come up and the baby slept.  With the first rays of the sun, a handsome man delivered a coffee and a danish with a kind smile.  So, perhaps it's all getting better already.


  1. Yeah, I've messaged with him two mornings in row hoping to get a sister-fix only to find you and Ari were FINALLY getting some sleep. I'm glad he's there to help out though. SO MUCH love to you BOTH!!! Get better soon and come see us!!!! :D

  2. Can't wait to see you. I've been fantasizing about having people who will love my kids, love my kids while I sleep (and eat Mexican food!)