Tuesday, March 06, 2012


Whenever we go out for a coffee these days, Riker has to have a drink of his own or we can't enjoy our cappuccinos in peace.  All of the cafes here have a babyccino on the menu which is just the froth from steamed milk with some chocolate powder sprinkled on top.  Since these are often served in an espresso cup, they've become too small for our big boy so we've recently started asking for a Toddlerccino.  Riker adores them and he's taken to calling them "Rikerccinos." They're a powerful motivator for getting us through grocery shopping or other chores requiring toddler patience. 

The drink apparently originated in Australia and it seems that some American cafes have now adopted it.  I've read however, that Americans often make it as a child-sized decaf cappuccino(!) and then have the nerve to blame Australians for inspiring the age inappropriate beverage!

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