Thursday, March 08, 2012

A Boy and his Laptop

Riker has his very own laptop. I knew our children would be exposed to technology from an early age, but I didn't think they'd get their own computers until they were at least three!

Whenever Brian or I would be using our laptop, Riker would want to get right in there poking at the keys and stroking the touchpad.  While this was irksome, it wasn't until several keys got popped off the keyboard that we decided something had to be done.  As the ANUgreen office runs the IT recycling program at ANU, I thought I'd ask my colleagues to set aside a laptop that came in for recycling.  We figured that as long as it turned on, Riker could pretend he was typing right along with mommy or daddy.

A week or two passed and I got an email saying that there was a laptop waiting for me in the office.  I picked up the case and took it home, expecting to find a crappy old thing inside.  Instead, we found a rather nice computer than worked just fine, other than the odd blue screen event now and then.

As we took it out of the case for the first time, we announced to Riker that this was his very own laptop to work on and that we'd show him how to watch Playschool on it.  Of course, once we'd said this, we couldn't take it back, despite the fact that his new laptop was almost nicer than our old one!

We showed him how to watch Playschool and for the first few days, we had to start the computer and get the program loaded for him.  Within a few days however, he was able to open the screen, start the computer, use the touchpad to navigate to the particular episode he wants to watch, start and pause the program, minimize and maximize the viewing window and adjust the volume.  Clever chap

We're very impressed of course, but now we just have to attempt to limit his time in front of it.  Though with all the craziness of moving this past week, it's been a blessing.  The laptop has been working really well too, though if it does have one of its finicky moments, Riker simply announces "boo skeen!" 

While feeling a bit under the weather earlier this week, Riker actually fell asleep ON his computer while watching Playschool


  1. Gavin learned to spell "McMillin" very early because that was the password for their computer.