Tuesday, January 31, 2012

US Visit

That's right folks, we've purchased flight tickets and are looking forward to a nice long visit to the US!  We depart Canberra in mid March and are headed first to Cleveland (Ohio) where we'll catch up with Brian's family for a month or so.  Then we'll head to Litchfield (Minnesota) and spend a similar amount of time with my family and friends there. After that we'll probably travel a bit, see some sights and visit friends we've been missing before heading back to Ohio in September for Brian's sister's wedding.  We've got a return ticket to Canberra in early October. Whew - should be a grand adventure!

We are very excited about going back to the US but are absolutely dreading the flight with two wee munchkins.  I've had some good advice on getting through the ordeal (portable DVD player, sticker books, a toddler backpack stocked with water and snacks, pull ups for easier diaper changes, request a bassinet on the plane, etc.) but I'm always open to more ideas so please send your traveling-with-kids-survival-strategies my way!

I can't wait to see everyone and show off my adorable babies in person!


  1. seepi6:28 AM

    Friends swear by taking their kiddy car seats on the plane and strapping them to the seats for the kids to sleep in.

  2. Hm, interesting idea. I don't think my toddler would like sitting in his car seat for 14 hours in one go though. The baby might not mind, but he has to be on our lap.