Monday, January 23, 2012

Potty Learning

I'm very pleased to report that Riker has taken it upon himself to do away with diapers (though the true blue Aussie baby in him refers to them as nappies).  I use the term "potty learning" quite deliberately as there was little "training" of any sort involved. I'm not sure we can take much credit at all for this new development, but I suspect a confluence of factors have led to this exciting new stage:
  • There were our early and sporadic attempts at elimination communication, a system which uses timing and cues to anticipate the baby's need to relieve himself and to help him become aware of his bodily functions.  This probably wasn't a major contributing factor, but it may have helped him get accustomed to sitting on a little potty from an early age.  
  • From about eighteen months we started having him sit on the potty more and more while we'd sing silly songs.  We'd talk about using the potty a lot and of course, he'd see us using the toilet as well.  Anyone with any experience with toddlers knows that private moments in the bathroom are few and far between!
  • Perhaps most importantly was the fact that summer rolled around just when he was ready to give up diapers.  As soon as it was warm enough to be naked, he ditched all clothes and started using the potty (or just peeing outside) pretty reliably from day one.
Whatever the reasons, we're thrilled to spend less time chasing him around to get a diaper on him.  He's still wearing a diaper overnight even though he usually wakes up dry and our outing to the playground was the first time he left the house in only underwear.  We figured accidents there wouldn't be inconvenient, but he used the potty there too.  Hooray!


  1. Congrats! We are still waiting for Cael to come around. It's more of a slow steady process with little bursts for him. He's in control though and when he is at home he is *mostly* good about using the potty and for a few weeks he even chose to wear underpants to preschool (and stayed dry). I just try not to stress too much about it knowing he'll do it consistently when he's ready.

  2. Yes it seems that success can come and go. I was careful not to declare him potty trained because I'm sure we'll have setbacks. And yes, I would try not to stress as it won't matter at all to his bladder!

  3. Really at 3 1/2 he has the control and awareness to know when he has to go but gets so engrossed in what he is doing... that and the hiding to poop sometimes instead if letting us know or taking himself to the potty

    1. Ah yes, the hiding to poop thing seems universal!