Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Box Guitar

After Riker and I finished talking about our activities for the day as part of his bedtime routine, he popped up and said he had to use the potty.  I considered the possibility that he was already using this as an excuse to get out of bed, but since he's just learned to use the potty, I got up and headed for the bathroom with him.  As he was sitting on the toilet, he grabbed an empty toilet paper roll and kept say "neep" over and over while touching the edge of the roll.  Searching my brain for what in the world he could be talking about, I realized that he was asking me to snip the edges of the roll so that they could be folded out and taped to a box to make a box guitar like he'd seen on an episode of Play School.  Some days I am so proud of my translation skills. When asked what came next he said "tape", "box" and then "strings".  What a good memory!  I was so pleased we'd had this bit of communication that I helped him make the box guitar and then Brian found the segment online so we could watch them make it again.

Here's the Play School version:

And here's our box guitar:

I'm not sure what time he finally fell asleep tonight but he'd had a late nap and we all enjoyed our bedtime craft session!


  1. Awesome! Love you guys! And did he go potty?

    1. Yes he did - it wasn't just a ploy to get out of bed!