Monday, October 17, 2011


Ari Jaden McMillin

Whew! After much deliberation we've finally settled on a name for our sweet little man.  We ended up going with Ari, which is a common male name in many languages.  Some of its meanings include "lion" in Hebrew, "brave" in Armenian, "eagle" in Old Norse, "gorgeous" in Kurdish and "visible and clear" in Maori.  Grandma Betty suggested the name Jaden and I really liked it so it became the middle name.  Clearly we take this baby naming thing seriously as it took seventeen days to select Riker's name and now twenty one days for baby Ari!  Okay we might just be indecisive, but we've found that we really need some time with the baby before we can select a name that fits.

Some of you may have heard another name tossed around as the probable winner but after hearing that particular name at the playground about a hundred times yesterday, it fell out of favor along with all the others on the short list.  I, for one, will be very happy to think about something other than names for a change!

Happy three weeks little Ari!

Postscript:  We just learned from our friends at the Turkish restaurant in Lyneham that Ari means "bee" in Turkish.  Fitting for a family of mead makers

We've since been told that Ari means "cute" in Hungarian.  Also fitting!

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