Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Riker adores his nanny, Coral, and I just recently realized that I didn't have any photos of them together!  Here they are sharing a laugh:

Coral joined us in November of 2010 when I went back to work part time and Riker was about thirteen months old.  I'd never been a fan of group child care and having been a nanny myself to the fabulous Oscar and Zuzu when I was in college (uni), I knew the benefits of the arrangement and thought it would suit our family well.  Add to that the difficulties of getting a place in an inner north child care center here in Canberra (on five waiting lists for a year and a half with no offers!) and hiring a nanny became even more appealing. 

While a nanny does cost more than group care, the benefits of having one on one loving care make up for it many times over.  Not to mention the fact that I never had to wake the baby if he was sleeping or force him to eat breakfast and get dressed in order to get to work on time.  No getting him into the bike trailer or car, making an extra stop on the way to work or having to deal with separation anxiety issues.  And perhaps the best part was sparing him (and us) from the seemingly constant illness that comes with group care - which of course translates to fewer days of missed work.  Knowing he was well cared for in his own home made my return to work a really great experience for me.  When a spot in a child care center did open up a month or two after we'd hired Coral, we turned it down. 

It's meant the world to us to have someone so reliable looking after our dear little boy and we are all sad to see her looking for a new family now that I'm on maternity leave.  Many thanks for everything Coral and we hope you won't be a stranger - Riker talks about you all the time and clearly misses you already!

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