Saturday, September 24, 2011

Floriade 2011

A number of months ago when I heard that Floriade was happening in late September, I remember thinking that when it finally rolled around, I'd know that I'd be having a baby any day. Well Floriade is here and baby doesn't seem quite ready to join us yet so we thought we'd take Riker to see the flowers and the petting zoo yesterday. Here are the highlights:

Meeting a very fluffy bunny:

Bunny gets a kiss (while a greedy goat kid tries to steal its veggies):

Petting the goat:

Feeding the goat:

Snuggling (I think) with a calf:

Floriade is always a great place for family photos:


  1. Oh I remember hearing about Floriade while I was in Canberra! The tulips look amazing! Hope all goes well with the baby :)

  2. Such a fun time. I love that Riker always wants to kiss the animals he meets. :)