Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Big Beautiful Baby Belly

I'd really been wanting to do some professional maternity shots for this pregnancy.  With Riker we documented the growing belly every three weeks or so and that just didn't happen this time around so I thought at least one lot of nice photos was in order.  Then I started researching Canberra maternity photographers and found that not only were the prices exorbitant, but that no one would give you the digital negatives for less than $80 each or $500 for all of them IF you spent $2000 on a print package!  I could fly a professional photographer friend over from the US for that!  Yes, Nancy, I did consider it briefly :)

Now I was willing to splurge on the endeavor, but, do-it-yourselfers that we are, we thought we'd give it a go first and then decide if we still wanted to get a professional.  Brian, dear husband that he is, set about creating a "studio" of sheets hanging from the clothesline outside, charged the camera batteries and made a plan for entertaining the toddler during our photo shoot.  The results, I'm sure you'll agree, are anything but amateur.  I'm very pleased!

And because the photographer is also a software guru, I was transported to the Red Centre as well :)  Just glad I didn't have to do the hike to get to this vista!


  1. Looks great Jenn! Although, I think you should have flown me in!!!!!!! Counting down the days with you......

  2. I thought you might say that! Though then the parents of those dear twins would have to manage without you somehow!