Tuesday, August 30, 2011


A month before Riker was born, we took a holiday to the coast to have a babymoon and to celebrate our anniversary.  As we haven't had a weekend getaway in quite some time, we thought an adventure to the coast was in order once again. 

We stayed across the road from where we usually stay in a gorgeous beach house on Denham's Beach, south of Bateman's Bay.  On Saturday morning we took Riker to Birdland Animal Park and had a great time.

Here's Riker meeting Bubbles, the baby wombat.

Feeding a friendly peacock.

Trying to steal a kiss in return for feeding this Fallow Deer.

Mama  (35.5 weeks pregnant) and Riker.

The family - soon to be four!

Feeding a kangaroo.  You get the idea of how we spent our morning!  Photo opps galore!

That kangaroo had some serious competition from Riker's deer friend who wanted all the pellets for himself.

Mama and Riker on the beach (which by the way, he didn't love - he mostly just wanted the sand off of his little feet!)

In fact, we went all the way to the coast and what was Riker more interested in than the waves or the sand or the dolphins?  His favorite things ever, of course - wheelie bins!

It was an absolutely fabulous weekend and we both agreed that while it was very different from the last Babymoon, we wouldn't change a thing.

For more awesome photos of the weekend, see the slideshow below or go directly to the web album if you prefer.