Saturday, June 11, 2011

Big Helper

I recall our friend Majikfaerie once telling a story about how she never allowed her daughter to do the dishes. She always told her that washing the dishes was a very special task reserved only for grownups and that one day she'd be old enough to help. Then on her daughter's seventh birthday she told her that the day had finally arrived when she was big enough to the dishes and the seven year old proudly did all the washing up that day. I love this story, but as you can see in the following video, our current approach is more along the lines of, if he wants to help (or pretend to help as the case may be), let him! Some days excessive cuteness just isn't enough to earn one's keep :)


  1. So darling! Your mom is gonna be so proud! :)

  2. oh no! you'll spoil him for sure! :p