Monday, June 20, 2011

Belly Love

It's hard to know how much Riker understands about 'the baby in mama's belly' but from very early on he became very affectionate with the belly. When asked about the baby in mama's belly, he frequently comes over to me, lifts up my shirt and gives it a hug. This is adorable unless he wants to see the belly and point to the baby (unprompted) while he's in the shopping cart at the grocery store, which is just a little embarrassing :) When asked where the baby is, he points either to my belly (and sometimes to other people's bellies) or to himself. Too cute.

I finally just managed to go back to blog archives from 2009 to compare what my belly looked like then to how it looks now. For comparison, here's the post I did in 2009 from 25 weeks. Not surprisingly, I think I look a bit bigger this time around.  Feeling pretty good all in all.  Riker is sleeping well at night and it's making a world of difference to my levels of both patience and energy.  Hooray!


  1. Anonymous12:26 AM

    Miss Jenny! I had no idea, congratulations! When are you do? We miss you and think of you often.

  2. That's a keeper. Such a sweet, loving little guy. Hope that continues once the baby arrives and more importantly once the baby is old enough to start taking his stuff. ;) Love you all! Keep the pictures and stories coming.

  3. too cute indeed! when are you going to get a disclaimer for your site? I'm sure severely diabetic people couldn't tolerate all the sweetness ;P

  4. Nancy - I am due September 28th and the kiddos will be about 23 months apart. I think of you and the not so little ones often as well!

    Teagans(andCaels)mama - Seriously. Given how much he likes to hit us at the moment, I don't have high hopes for a conflict free existence with two little boys!

    Majikfaerie - That's an oversight on my part for sure!