Saturday, February 26, 2011

Chicken Love

Riker adores our chickens.  He goes over to the window where he can see them whenever he hears us say the word 'chicken.'  He can now point to both real and cartoon chickens in books.  He loves to visit them and feed them and chase them.   It's very cute and I captured this great video the other day.  

Rest assured, no chickens were harmed in the filming of this video :)  They're all super tame because as you might remember, we were chicken sitters for a weekend and then acquired them from the Lyneham High School where they were doted on for the first weeks of their lives.  Now they conveniently sit down whenever you go to grab one to return it to the pen.  Hence Riker's ability to corner them so easily.  Love the look on his face when he gets his hands on her, don't you?


  1. Very cute!! I love chickens!

  2. Great video - the type to go viral on U-Tube.

  3. lawrence11:54 AM

    this is just so adorable! he loves chickens!

  4. He does indeed LOVE the chickens! Almost as much as his dad :)