Thursday, January 20, 2011


After five years with the same template design, I recently decided it was time for my blog to have a makeover.  So after about three evenings of trying to choose between a whole slew of awesome background designs, templates and color schemes, I give you the new and improved Adventures Down Under!  Besides the new look, other new features include an updated list of my favorite websites relating to parenting, environment, ANU and Rotary, along with an updated list of the blogs that I follow.  I also added a feature that lists my most popular posts and you now have the ability to email and share posts on a variety of social media sites.

Now, since I have you here, why not become a follower?  I really like to think that more than nine people read this blog....

So, what do you think of the new look?

Sunday, January 02, 2011

Holiday Staycation

Once upon a time, with a week of holidays on our hands, Brian and I would have planned a grand adventure. Call us lame if you will, but we have thoroughly enjoyed this year's staycation. I give you the week in pictures (and video):

Lots of walks outside and visits to local playgrounds:

Riker's first swim in Barry's pool:

The outdoor pool in Dickson provided lots of fun and relief on hot days:

General everyday cuteness:

A gorgeous flowering bush in our drive (lest you think I only photograph the baby anymore):

We've also reached some really important milestones this week and I was SO glad that Brian (and I) were home to see them! Most excitingly, Riker is now walking pretty confidently. It really started coming together on his fourteen month birthday, exactly when Grandma Betty predicted he would walk (based on when I started walking). Here he is in action:

As if walking weren't enough, he's also picked up eating with utensils:

He does have toddler silverware, but of course he prefers the grown-up versions. Here's the same trick with a fork:

And finally, Riker drinking from a glass. This isn't a new trick but we were on a roll getting good videos this morning so I thought I'd include it as well:

Whew! Now, back to relaxing while I enjoy the last afternoon of our staycation!