Thursday, November 04, 2010

Grandma Betty's Grand Adventure

I have always said that there was no way that my mom would ever come to Australia for a visit. She hates to travel and had never flown. A few months ago we were starting to think about a visit home but were dreading the twenty four hours of travel with a very active little one. Brian convinced me to ask one more time whether she'd like to come here and what it would take to get her here. To my surprise, she said that if she didn't have to travel alone she might consider it. Consider it she did and I think she even got a little excited about the prospect and before we knew it we were booking flights for her and her friend, Pat.

Here, Pat and my mom in the Botanic Gardens:

With grandma and her grandson atop Mt. Ainslie:

A weekend on the coast at Guerrilla Bay:

Plenty of time hanging out at home:

My favorite photo, just before saying farewell:

We did lots of shopping, went whale watching, saw the National Museum, baked cookies, went to my mother's group, saw kangaroos, ate kangaroo, had lunch at all my favorite cafes, visited my coworkers, went to our favorite winery and much more. Lots of firsts for Grandma Betty! I'm so proud of her for making the journey and we had such a wonderful time! More photos on my Facebook page here.

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