Saturday, June 12, 2010

Beans, Yum!

Riker had his first taste of solid food at six months. So far the menu has included mashed sweet potatoes, pumpkin, rice cereal, banana, apple, pear and avocado, but he hasn't really embraced the concept of eating food. On a good day, he tolerates it for a bite or two, but never eagerly opens his mouth for more. On other days he make the funniest faces and spits it all out. I'm wondering if maybe he'll be one of those kids who only likes to eat if he can feed himself. He is certainly interested in what we are eating and drinking however. So the other night at dinner we handed him a green bean and he gummed it for ages - long enough to let us enjoy our entire meal! Brian captured this great face:

And in other exciting news, he now has two teeth, both of which came in on the same day. Ouch!

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