Thursday, April 29, 2010

Canberra Organic Delivery

I just received my first home delivery of organic fruits and vegetables from Canberra Organics. Isn't it pretty?

This seasonal box was $35 plus a delivery fee. I doubt I'll order this every week but since we haven't planted a garden this year it's a really nice option for when I can't get to the markets. And since Riker is about to start solids, I want his veggies to be organic.

Oh, and see that retro looking crock pot in the corner? We scored that for free last week and have been using it almost every day. Feel free to pass on any good slow cooker recipes!


  1. wow! My friend once told me that organic food delivered right on your door is much better than buying in the supermarkets.
    I'm looking forward for your new post regarding this . .

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