Monday, February 08, 2010

Big Boy Bed

Riker just keeps on growing! Last weeks visit to the clinic had him weighing in at 7.5 kilos or 16 lbs 8 oz. That's moving up into the 95th percentile for his age! He's grown out of many of his sweet little newborn clothes and I've sadly had to pack up the outfit he came home from the hospital in...sniffle sniffle. And perhaps most significantly, he has now outgrown his bassinet! The bassinet was lent to us by my friend Beth who slept in it as a baby, along with all of her siblings, her two babies and several of our friends babies. Now it's clearly time to give it back as you can see below. The first photo is from about two weeks old:

And this photos is from about 12 weeks old (I'm a little behind on my blogging :)
Notice he's wearing the same outfit too. It's about due to be packed away as well...

What a sweetie!

And here he is in his new bed:

Now we don't have to hear his hands and feet whacking the sides of the bassinet at night anymore! Strangely enough, that never seemed to wake him up though!

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