Sunday, December 06, 2009

Sleep and Smiles

The days continue to fly by and some semblance of order is emerging out of the chaos. I'm getting a bit more sleep as the baby has been sleeping pretty well at night for the last few days. He's been getting about 3-4 hours sleep and is then up for an hour before going back to sleep for about two hours. Who'd have thought I'd ever think that that qualified as good sleep? Everything is easier with some rest and I even cooked dinner the other night for the first time in five weeks!

Here is the first smile photo I've managed to capture:

In his bouncy seat in the sun:

Babywearing mamas. At the Birth Centre annual picnic with Amy from our birth classes and baby Emily. Riker and Emily both happily cocooned in wrap slings.

On the ANUgreen veranda for Mitchell and Ailis's farewell party before they move to Atlanta. Ailis and Riordan, Barry and Riker.

Barry and Riker. Having heard his voice next to me in the office for all those months, they're mates already.

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