Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Master Riker

I just received new insurance policy cards since Riker was added to our plan and I quite like them :)

Wikipedia tells me that Master is an English title used for young and teenage or unmarried boys and that they are not to be called Mister until some undefined age, generally around thirteen. The title is mostly used for formal correspondence or invitations but feel free to call him Master Riker anytime :) You can also call him Number One as some of you have affectionately suggested :)

Photo of the day:

Master Riker is finally asleep and it's 12:30 so I can eat lunch at a reasonable time today. Maybe that will help to mend my clearly dysfunctional brain. Today I found my wallet in the refrigerator. I'd put it in the grocery bag yesterday and the whole thing just went into the fridge when I got home. Ah, that's a funny story too. Yesterday I had coffee with an American woman who lives two blocks away in Lyneham, has a twelve week old baby (girl) and a nearly identical birth story (posterior, brow, forceps), a husband who works at CSIRO (same organization as Brian) and she is from the Cleveland area. Funny eh?

Last random tidbit that shows I'm operating on auto pilot. Brian told me that in the middle of the night I was snoring loudly, awoke abruptly saying "sssshhhhhhhhh" to the baby and then went promptly back to snoring.

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