Sunday, December 27, 2009

Cloth Diapers and Paperwork

Nearly every day Brian and I look at each other and comment on how much the baby has grown overnight. I suppose that's because he is literally growing overnight. At his eight week check up he was 12 lbs 5 oz (5.6 kilos) and 24 inches (61 cm) long. Now nearing the 90th percentile and outgrowing many of his clothes!

We're using cloth diapers on Riker and we're really happy with them. We used disposables for the first week so we wouldn't have to wash those tar-like first poos out of cloth but since then he's been in cloth. We decided to use a very simple cloth diaper system to start - prefolds and covers. There are some very fancy cloth diapers out there but we decided not to invest in any of those before he was born and we could find out what type would fit him best. Prefolds also fit a newborn better than some of the other styles out there. The set we are currently using was a gift from Heather and was purchased on ebay for only $55. That's a pretty good deal considering the price of disposables and the price of some modern cloth diapers! In the last couple of days we decided to use up the newborn disposables that were given to us before he out grows them and find them to leak more and not provide any additional convienence. Here's our stash including Chinese prefolds, Pro-wraps, Thirsties and Snappis:

With prefolds, you simply fold the absorbent cloth square and secure it with a Snappi fastener:

Then you cover that with a waterproof cover. This is my favorite style (Thirsties brand). They're very soft and come in lots of fun colors!

Once the diaper has been used, it goes into a dry bucket (no rinsing required) and then the whole bucket goes into the laundry once a day. Easy. We're also using cloth wipes and they just go into the same bucket as well.

We like the prefolds so much that we might just stick with them instead of getting the more expensive pocket diapers. I'll have to order a bigger size by the time he reaches fifteen pounds or so but that's still significantly cheaper than pockets which can be $20+ per diaper. I have ordered a few just to try them out though. I settled on a brand called Nubunz which appears to be a knockoff of some of the name brand varieties like BumGenius, but at $9.50 each, a much better deal.

There's quite a bit of paperwork to do when having a baby overseas. We have to travel to Sydney to get a Consular Report of Birth and then we have to get a Social Security number and a passport which is sizable stack of paper and requires amongst other information for both of us to list everywhere we've every been in our lives. We thought we'd take a shot at taking his passport photo ourselves and here are some of the cute ones:

Finally, a funny video of the little guy asleep in his rocking chair hitting himself in the face:

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  1. Good passport pictues. Glad you found the right nappies.