Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Four Weeks Old Already!

Today is Riker's four week birthday! The first three weeks are a total blur for me. Brian went back to work on Monday leaving us to fend for ourselves and while I was dreading the day, it's actually gone pretty well. Feeding is getting easier. Feeding the baby that is. Feeding me has gone down the priority list amongst the all-consuming tasks of nursing, settling and changing diapers. When I was pregnant I wondered how it could possibly be that a baby could take so much time. I mean really, there should be time for a shower and casual lunches with friends - or so I thought. Now the days pass and I realize I haven't changed my clothes in two days. It takes 2-3 hours to get ready to leave the house and I'm lucky if I get a load of laundry done in a day. So you'll forgive me if your emails remain unanswered and your phone calls unreturned. Is that a word? Spell check says no. On with the cuteness....

Note, lately I've been compressing images before posting them on my blog so if you ever want a high resolution image, just let me know and I can email it. Some of the images aren't the best quality to begin with as I take lots of them in the middle of the night when I'm trying to pass the time!


  1. Ohhhh nice, very nice, Congratulations!!!! You must to feel very happy my friend!!!!

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  3. Thanks for the photos.