Tuesday, October 20, 2009

38 weeks

I've been on maternity leave for just over two weeks now and I've managed to stay away from the office for all but about one full day. I had to go in on Monday to interview for my replacement. After three rounds of applications, we finally got several good candidates so that's encouraging.

I'm still feeling really good for the most part though I'm starting to understand the waddling that inevitably plagues pregnant women. Not only do your hips start to do something pretty uncomfortable, you actually lose the ability to use your abdominal muscles so movement in general becomes awkward at best.

Baby is moving around like crazy and clearly getting stronger and bigger every day. Brian is so excited for him to arrive that he keeps telling him to come out and play. I tell him not to listen to his daddy (just this once) and to stay in there for another couple weeks. I'm really enjoying the time to myself and Heather doesn't arrive for about a week.

I realize I haven't posted belly photos for a couple of weeks. Here I am at 38 weeks just before going out to dinner with all of my workmates and their partners at a nearby Vietnamese restaurant. What a terrific evening! I so love my team and am already sad to not see all of them every day.

I've been keeping myself busy power cleaning the house, shopping, cooking nice food and doing loads of baby laundry. It's been raining off and on for weeks so today I finally had the chance to get everything out on the line. How cute are all of these little itty bitty things?

And now for the best part of being on maternity leave - afternoon napping!


  1. And the washing has just started.

  2. I know! That's probably why it's so pleasing to have it all done....it's the last time I'll ever be caught up!