Sunday, July 26, 2009


This choosing a name business is not easy! Of course, I've been daydreaming about names since the day I found out I was pregnant, and even before then if we're going to be totally honest. Thank goodness we've still got a few months to consider this decision!

So let's start by considering the names of friends and family our little one is likely to know. The immediate cousins are Teagan, Gavin and Cael and the second cousins are Brandon, Alan, Jacob, Aaron, Marissa and Tyler. Other kids in the extended families include Cameron, Colton, Carter, Madison, and probably many others I haven't met and/or can't think of at this hour. A few of my other little (or not so little anymore) friends are Morgan, Devon, Aubrey, Jack, Julia, August, Imogen, Niava, Adrienne, Isabelle, Oscar, Zuzu, Eleanor, Mia, Lilah, Sierra, Kyan, Alyce and Sequoia. Now if we can just pick one!

Not sure if I've mentioned this already but the peanut has had a belly name since very early on...we affectionately call the little guy Optimus. Not sure why, it just is. Hoping to have a suitable outside-the-belly name ready for his arrival but at this rate, who knows.

I've recently discovered the Baby Name Genie which will automatically generate names to go with your surname or a first or middle name of your choosing. After a while though, the program starts to mock you by saying things like "Hard to please aren't we?" and "I just gave you the perfect name, but never mind, here's another one that you won't like." Try it if you're bored. And certainly let me know if it comes up with anything good!

We're totally stuck on a boy's name so feel free to send me your ideas. Our criteria are fairly simple though:
  1. It's pronounced like it's spelled and isn't spelled in some variation that will force the child to forever say, "no, its not j-a-c-k-s-o-n, it's j-a-X-s-o-n" or cause similar frustrations for his entire life.
  2. It is ideally somewhat interesting and/or unique but not fluffy or wimpy.
  3. It sounds good with McMillin and preferably doesn't have the initials BUM or ZAM or POM or DAM.
  4. We both love it (or at least like it). This one seems to be the troublemaker.
It seems so much easier with girl's names - so many more choices! We even have a girl's name picked out so I guess we'll just have to save that one for next time.

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  1. We had problems with baby names - basically the same criteria, but with the added proviso that it couldn't sound stupid in English, Hebrew, Spanish, German or Portuguese!

    I tried the baby name Genie on the surname Forest for a girl... guess the first choice: Willow! LOL