Monday, June 29, 2009

22 Weeks

Seems I'm managing to get a progress photo taken every three weeks so here we are at 22 weeks.

All is going well - I finally have more energy than I did in the first trimester and I'm feeling quite good. I could do without the heartburn in the evening but that's okay, all for a good cause. Our midwife has been to our house for two visits during which we've reviewed my medical history (and Brian's), listened to the heartbeat and talked about birthing classes. Now, I'm researching the infinite variety of cloth diapers and continuing to get excited about the prospect of the little guy actually being here with us!

Spinning Wheel

I forgot to mention on last week's Weekend with Wheels post that we also acquired a spinning wheel for Brian on the weekend shopping spree. The Canberra Spinners and Weavers Club has used wheels from time to time and we picked up this beautiful machine for a great price after a lovely club member showed us the various wheels and helped us to pick the one in the best condition. Isn't it gorgeous?

You might remember that he was learning to spin on a drop spindle after we purchased six kilos of raw wool last year. Brian is having a great time getting back into the wool carding and spinning (he's teaching himself how to use the wheel) and I've since been motivated to pick up my knitting again. Still trying to finish the green sweater that will probably not fit me if and when I do finish it this winter!

Monday, June 22, 2009

21 Week Ultrasound

After a fair bit of umming and ahhing about whether or not to have an ultrasound done, we decided to go ahead with the 20+ week morphological scan just to make sure that everything was okay and progressing nicely (and to make sure there was only one baby in there!). Our appointment was first thing this morning at 8:30am and Brian and I both went to the appointment on our way to work. What an absolutely amazing hour that turned out to be! We saw our gorgeous little baby squirming about, opening and closing his mouth and punching out with little fists. And best of all, we saw a fully formed spinal cord and a four chambered heart beating away.

I was actually rather nervous going in to this appointment, probably because of the potential to be told really disturbing news. But that all turned into sheer delight as the technician kept saying "looks good!" I was prepared for it to be a really cool experience but I was not prepared for the sheer joy and delight I felt at seeing this little being wriggling around on the screen. I've seen a lot of ultrasound photos but looking at your baby on that screen is another thing entirely. I also know that visual images are very powerful but again, I was not prepared for how moving it would be to see that little face. I accomplished very little at work today other than daydreaming, smiling like a fool and showing the 88 images off to anyone who cared to look :)

So in the hopes that this will be one-tenth as exciting for you as it is for me, I give you the best of the ultrasound images.

A side profile shot:

Teeny little feet:

A 4D image of the little bub's face with the placenta and umbilical cord to the left:

Another shot of the face - again, that's the placenta on the left:

Bye for now! See you in November!

Plot spoiler below:

It's a boy!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Weekend with Wheels

What a lovely weekend it's been! My friend and workmate Clare flew to Melbourne for the weekend and she asked if I'd like to borrow her car in return for delivering her to and from the airport. So we've had wheels for four days and have taken the opportunity to do about a million and one things that otherwise would be very difficult to do, namely, eating out at restaurants across town and shopping for big and bulky things.

Here's what I've managed to do this weekend. Thursday evening we had a really nice dinner at a place called Rock Salt in the Hawker shops and Friday evening we ate at a great little place called the Green Herring, where you dine in a wooden slab hut originally built in NSW in 1860. The food was terrific and the experience very cozy - crackling fires roar in the fireplaces and we were very toasty with one of the best seats in the house, just in front of the rear fireplace.

On Saturday morning there was a Baby and Kid Market held at Exhibition Park, selling second hand gear and clothes. Brian had to do a bit of work at home on Saturday but he decided to come with me to look at baby stuff and we managed to acquire quite a few things at great prices including a three wheeled jogging stroller/pram for $35, a cushioned glider for rocking baby, an Ergo Baby sling, and some maternity clothes for me (most pieces were $2). We had planned to do our veggie shopping at the farmer's market just next door but we didn't realise we'd spent nearly two hours browsing baby goods and the farmer's market would probably be finished. We decided to pop over anyway and see if we could get some last minute deals and the only things we managed to get were freshly squeezed apple juice and a cherry cheesecake! Good enough!

On Saturday afternoon I drove to Narrabundah and spent a couple hours with my friend Felicity who just had a new baby girl about three weeks ago, Lilah Mae. We had lots of fun catching up on gossip and talking about feeding babies, getting them to sleep, etc. Saturday evening we caught up with our next door neighbors who were making hot spiced apple cider and warm mulled wine.

Sunday morning we slept in and then drove to Gold Creek for breakfast at Injoy and a wander through the quilt shop and local gift shops. Then we did a major grocery shopping trip before heading out of town to a great little place called Poacher's Pantry which specializes in gourmet smoked meats and veggies and local wines. Had an amazing lunch and then went for a little walk around the rural property to see the sheep and lambs. On the way back into Canberra we stopped at another secondhand place, Aussie Junk, and got two small sets of drawers that I plan to keep baby's things in. We must be nesting :) Very pleased though, to have acquired so many useful things!

Now, off to pick up Clare and return her car :(

Thursday, June 11, 2009

ANUgreen Wins International Sustainable Campus Network Award!

Everyone in my office is thrilled because we were notified last week that our campus environmental management program is the winner of the inaugural International Sustainable Campus Network (ISCN) Excellence Awards!

There were two categories and the ANUgreen Campus Environment and Sustainability Program was selected as the winner of the Impact category which rewards excellence in engaging the various stakeholders at a university in campus sustainability.

The ISCN selection committee stated, “Out of many applications received, it was the opinion of the jury that this project was an outstanding example of how the principles of sustainability and the objectives of the International Sustainable Campus Network can be realized.” The ANU initiative was chosen by the judges for demonstrating how campus development and management can be used to create impact for research, teaching and campus community involvement.

My colleague Su is currently in Lausanne, Switzerland to accept the award.

In case you are interested, our final round submission was a PowerPoint presentation outlining ANUgreen's achievements and it can be found here in pdf format. You'll even find a photo or two of me hidden in it.

Go team!

Monday, June 08, 2009

19 Weeks

Well, here we are in the second trimester already...I can hardly believe I'm nearly halfway there! I continue to feel quite good and even better when I read about all of the pregnancy symptoms I haven't experienced like nausea, vomiting, lack of appetite and the like. Mostly I've been fatigued and have had some heartburn and other random symptoms that I'll save for my girlfriends, sisters and mothers who would actually care about those things :)

The fatigue is getting somewhat better, though by the time the weekend rolls around I'm usually up for little more than napping and the necessary chores. Yesterday we went for a nice walk and today we met some friends for a coffee. I don't really mind being so tired, except when it interferes with things I actually need to accomplish. My favorite statistic is that my body now has 30-40% more blood pumping around to carry oxygen to the little bub so my heart and lungs and everything else are working harder to keep up. Not to mention the fact that I'm constantly hard at work creating limbs and eyelids and fingernails and heart chambers (among other things)! Good thing that's not a conscious process!

In the first trimester there were mornings where I'd get out of bed and less than an hour later I'd be feeling like a nap. One mid-week morning I woke up and Brian had brought us breakfast in bed - cereal and tea. Altogether now, awwwww....I know, he's being seriously sweet. So I ate breakfast in bed and then I fell asleep again and didn't get to work until 10:30am. They had a good laugh when I arrived at work and said I was served breakfast in bed and then was so exhausted I needed a nap :)

The 19 week belly profile:

Mother of the Year

I'm honored to say that I've been awarded Mother of the Year before anyone has even had the chance to judge my skills! See the video here - a very clever marvel of the internet.