Sunday, May 24, 2009

Fuzzy Neighbor Tragedy

You might remember a previous post about our fuzzy neighbors, the two sheep who live right out our back gate and behind the Lyneham High School. We see them all the time whenever we go out for a walk or go to the shops and we always stop to say hello and scratch their noses if they'll let us.

Well, the weekend took on a depressing note when we returned from our walk to the shops on Saturday afternoon to find people tying bunches of flowers to the outside of the sheep's pen. Upon asking what the flowers were for, we learned that our fuzzy friends had been murdered in the middle of the night!!! Apparently, sometime between midnight and 7am, someone had scaled the fence and stabbed both of the poor sheep! When they were found in the morning, one was dead and one had to be put down.

As you can imagine, this was more than a little disturbing for us. I can see their pen from where I'm sitting now and every once in a while you can hear them bleating (well, not anymore). And now because of some senseless and violent act (probably by some disgruntled students), our fuzzy friends are dead and countless people will feel their absence. I hope they find who did it.

Sniffle, sniffle....

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Greatest of All Adventures Down Under

Since beginning this blog over three ago, there have been more 'Adventures Down Under' than I could have possibly imagined when I first gave my shiny new blog its name. Moving to Australia, doing a masters degree with a great group of people, two terrific jobs, some amazing friends, family visits, travels around Australia including Melbourne, Sydney, Cairns, Alice Springs, the Great Barrier Reef, the Red Center, cycling Tasmania and international journeys to India, Fiji, New Zealand and the US. What a privilege I have had since receiving that phone call saying I'd been selected as a Rotary Scholar!

Yet for all of those incredible experiences, I get the feeling that I am about to begin what will surely be the greatest of all Adventures Down Under (and beyond). Many of you will have heard this news already, but I'd like to announce that Brian and I are expecting!

The little peanut is scheduled to join us sometime around the first of November and we are both thrilled about the news. We are planning to have the baby here in Canberra as there is an excellent medical system in Australia and we have been fortunate enough to get a spot in a birth center run by midwives that is part of the Canberra Hospital system. All through the pregnancy you are cared for by your midwife and she is on call for labor and delivery so that you are assisted by someone you have built up a relationship with. She even comes to your home to evaluate you once you go into labor and tells you whether to stay put or get a move on!

I'm currently 16 weeks and all in all, I have been feeling terrific with no morning sickness whatsoever thank goodness! I've been very tired lately but it seems that as I move into the second trimester, I've been regaining at least some of my energy levels.

More to come as this new adventure unfolds but for now, the first belly photo at 16 weeks