Monday, January 05, 2009


There's nothing like being far from home to remind you of the things in life that are truly important, namely, family and friends. Here are a few more photos of my loved ones from our trip to the US.

Julia, Amy and Jenn catch up on gossip and share knitting adventures...

Jenn and Katherine on my last day in Minnesota...

A walk along the San Diego coastline....

...with high school friend Nicole in southern California before the long flight out of LA.

We're back in Canberra now. Jet lag and more tearful goodbyes than I can handle in one month have me feeling out of sorts and a little sad. So I'm sorting through photos and thinking fondly of our four weeks spent between Litchfield and Cleveland. Not that I regret the trip; it's just very difficult to be so far away and not know when I'll see everyone again.

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