Saturday, January 31, 2009

Australia Day Weekend

Last weekend was a three day weekend in recognition of Australia Day. Chris came up from Melbourne and we went to the coast for the weekend. Our destination was Jervis Bay, about a three hour drive, but after stops at the farmer's market, our favorite winery (Lark Hill), and the Braidwood bakery, we arrived late Saturday afternoon.

I'd booked us a little cottage/cabin about a week and a half before the long weekend and as all of Canberra was making a beeline for the coast, I was pretty pleased to have found us a place at all. We followed the directions to the cabins but the first place we see is a run-down looking trailer house with many haphazard additions and about ten cars in various states of disrepair randomly parked out front. A young girl with a baby on her hip tells us to go up around the corner and go to unit number three for the key. The units were all built about two years ago so we were pleased to see that they looked quite nice. Unit number three, however, looks like all the others so I'm not sure how you'd know which one was the office without the help of the red-headed girl. Anyway, we get out of the car and a young twenty-something red-headed kid comes out and is immediately impressed by our rental car. It's a black and shiny sports car like thing - I can't even remember what it was. Chris booked a compact economy car and was "upgraded" to a mid-size model we nicknamed Kit. Not really our style at all, but fun nonetheless. So Red takes us up to our cabin and hangs around for no less than twenty minutes telling us about his rural adventures of fire-fighting, traffic convictions and subsequent dealings with the local judge who impounded his car. He now drives the judge around in his old car while the judge drinks (Red doesn't drink) and apparently they're buddies. Bewildered? Imagine how we felt listening to these random stories until he finally decided to wander back to whatever he'd been doing before we arrived.

Sunday we spent playing on Hyams Beach, a gorgeous white sand beach that apparently is listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as having THE whitest sand in the world. I have heard that some other beach had their sand tested in a lab to prove that theirs was actually the world's whitest sand but I'm sure the locals don't care about that. The water was crystal clear and the most amazing color blue given the sun's reflection off of the white sand. The beach was quite busy with families romping in the waves on one end, but walking to the far side of this very long beach, you'll see that we had the place to ourselves.

On the far end of the beach we find a few patches of tiny seashells washed up on the sand....

On the way back to Canberra we stop at Morton National Park and see Fitzroy Falls. If these photos look familiar its because we've been there before but the falls are always a gorgeous sight.

And here a look at the length of the falls....

A really fun weekend with nice food (Indian and an attempt at Mexican that was tasty, but not authentic), great wine, great beaches and great company. Oh and our stay in the cabins was nice enough. It was quiet and we were surrounded by beautiful bushland. Kookaburras sang to us in the trees and Red didn't regale us with any more stories.

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  1. Given the heat and sun, I am surprised that the beautiful beach was not wall to wall people.