Monday, December 15, 2008

In Minnesota

After nearly three years(!) in Australia we’ve finally managed to make it home to the US for a visit! Thought you might enjoy a few highlights, many of which will seem quite exotic to those of you in the middle of the Australian summer!

After twenty four hours of traveling, we arrived in Minneapolis and spent the evening with my friend Colleen. Next morning we had breakfast with her and another friend, Amy Limmer, below.

The drive to my hometown of Litchfield was pretty snowy but I haven’t forgotten my Minnesota driving skills!

One of the activities my mom and I had been looking forward to was making potato lefse, a Scandinavian favorite. Here’s the whole assembly line from mixing up the potato and flour and cream mixture to rolling it out into little “tortillas” to cooking it on the griddle.

Jenn wields the spatula!

Enjoying the finished product. Making lefse goes something this: cook one, eat one, cook one, eat one, cook one, save one, repeat.

Quality time with dear friends, Kristi and Jessica.

View of a snowy landscape out back of the house.

Family reunion – my mom (Betty), me, brother (Gary), sister-in-law (Bec), and my sister-in-law’s mother (Diane).

And finally, I thought you might enjoy a photo from the weather channel. Notice the temperature of -15°F (-26°C)! With wind chill, that feels like of -35°F (-37°C)! And that last number – that’s how many minutes you can stay outside before frostbite sets in!

Okay, must get back to eating…my mom is on a tasty mission of fattening us up for the cold!