Sunday, July 20, 2008

New Passport Arrived!

Oh, and I almost forgot to mention (this is noteworthy enough to get its own post!) new passport arrived in the mail! It's the new version of the US passport so besides the fact that it has a chip in it which could potentially be used to track my every move, it's really cool! The pages are full of lots of pretty pictures and quotes that I won't actually want anyone to stamp. And the good news is that they spelled my name correctly and I can finally stop directing everyone to the amendments page at the end, as the title page of the old passport still said Kerr. And they return the old passport when you get a new one which is cool because of course, a passport has quite a bit of sentimental value. Now I just have to go to the Immigration office and get our new visa labels applied and get my visa linked to my new passport number. I thought they would just renew the old one but oddly enough, they give you a new number. One last hoop to jump through (until we have to get Brian's passport renewed in a few months!)


  1. Old passports also help memory (fading fast) of all the places you have been.

  2. I accidentally chanced upon your blog jenn, and i must say I thoroughly enjoyed reading yourrecent entries (well perhaps i just skimmed through them). especially on your passport saga/fiasco...

    I see you've linked to the gardenblog. hooray. just goes to show the garden is one of those few things we can allow to overlap with our personal lives.

    anyhow. I too am in need of a serious serious tropical holiday involving lotsa waves,lotsa sun,lotsa drinks,and lotsa seafood. im still in this disillusioned view that maybe if i work hard enough,I'll just wake up one day to find out I'm backfloating in some lush beach with the world of work all behind me.

    woops, didn't intend this comment to go so long. bye.

  3. yay for the new passport!
    I just got a new one too, and it has that microchip in it. a bit scarey, neh?