Monday, July 28, 2008

Coastal Shenanigans

Last weekend (I just had a sad moment thinking of it in the past tense already) I planned a trip to the coast for ANUgreen's visiting interns. I coordinate the ANU side of a sustainability exchange program between ANU, Yale and Oxford universities. Three ANU students are currently abroad and ANUgreen is hosting two students from Yale (John and Ashley) and one from Oxford (Emily). They are in Australia for about six weeks working in the office on a variety of projects ranging from sustainable transport to student outreach to urban biodiversity assessment. So, in an attempt to show them a bit of the countryside, I planned a retreat to ANU's coastal campus at Kioloa. Kioloa is a basically a field station with both beach and bush property and cottages that you can rent for research, writing, or relaxing. It's an awesome place and the managers, Robin and Steve are both terrific - hardworking but always happy to stop and chat and tell you what they're planting or what grand visions they have for the place or to enjoy a beer by the bonfire and just gaze at the stars.

It was so good to get away! I had all the food catered which made my life infinitely easier and allowed for the important things like sleeping in, searching for seashells and bushwalking.

A few images from the weekend:

Beach shadows

A hammerhead shark discovered on the beach. A pretty neat find!

Rock puddles that I thought were really cool.

Another group at the field station for the weekend were on an art school retreat. Here we are looking at the kilns they'd made out of trash cans. They put on an exclusive exhibition (our group were the only guests) of their photography, painting and sculptures inspired by and created at Kioloa.

Here we're setting off on an afternoon walk...

...and these cool plants remind me of something straight out of Dr. Seuss.

Jenn and Brian at the summit of Mt. Bundle, a whopping 200 metres :)

There were lots of rainbow lorikeets and they would eat seeds and honey right out of your hand. Unfortunately, my camera is acting up these days and while the image looks fine when you snap it, the shots ultimately have lots of little while lines of latitude through them. Very annoying, especially when you snap a nice shot and find out its corrupted! Not sure whats wrong; sensor issues perhaps? Anyway, I liked this photo and was determined to doctor it up a bit so I could post it.

A lovely weekend that, as usual, could have been longer!


  1. And you pay them how much to allow you to do this "job"?

  2. Seriously. When I'm not running around like a mad woman trying to stay on top of all of the projects I have going at once, I remember how much I love my job!