Tuesday, June 10, 2008

World Environment Day

Last Thursday, June 5th, was World Environment Day. I woke up and told Brian that I should really get presents, don't you agree?

I meant to post and say "Happy World Environment Day" but as I can't seem to go more than two months without planning some significantly large and time consuming event, I was pretty wrapped up in said event. This year the ANU Sustainability Learning Community held it's third annual Great Green Debate to mark the occasion. We held the usual sit-down formal dinner for sixty students and guests and then had a panel discussion on "The Role of Business in Shaping a Sustainable Future" attended by about 140 people. It was all a huge success despite losing a panellist and subsequently gaining a replacement panellist in the twenty four hours before the event.....whew!

Below, a photo of the event in the dining room of Bruce Hall.

Last weekend was a three day weekend in honor of the Queen's Birthday and so for the first time in months, we managed to get ourselves out of Canberra for the weekend. We had planned to go to Melbourne to visit our friend Chris for the weekend, but I waited too long to buy the plane tickets and so we decided to go another time. Sorry Chris. Then we got a last minute invitation to the Blue Mountains by my friend and co-worker, Clare, to stay with her and a few others at her auntie's cottage. What a great weekend! I really needed a getaway and this one was fun and relaxing. It rained most of the weekend so we were forced to cook good food, drink wine, eat chocolate and play music. Sounds awful, doesn't it?

Sophie, Jess, Naomi and Clare about to dig in......

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