Sunday, May 25, 2008

The Wall

It's been a nice weekend. Friday night we had dinner out at a Chinese restaurant with our friends Kate and Simon who I work with and who recently bought a townhouse on the other side of our suburb. After dinner we saw their new place and taught them to play Euchre. Finally, we've transformed some good friends into some good card-playing friends!

Last night we went to a show at the arts theatre on the ANU campus. I had heard that Saturday was the last night of a theatrical performance of The Wall and as I know Brian is a big Pink Floyd fan, I got us tickets and took us out on a date. A twelve piece band was playing the music and it was really great. The only downside was that the guy sitting next to me was drumming his foot heavily through the entire show AND he felt it his right to be able to belt out the lyrics to "Comfortably Numb" at the top of his lungs! Who thinks that's okay?? And how do they end up sitting next to yours truly??


  1. Now all you need is one more to make 5 for sheepshead.

  2. That fact had not escaped us :)