Friday, May 16, 2008

My Love of The West Wing and Other Time-Consuming Activities

It’s Friday again. The weeks are flying by. A few interesting bits and pieces here and there so let’s review.

My contract as a research fellow has ended and I had to move offices for my “new” job at ANUgreen. It’s pretty much the same job as I had before but now I don’t have a private office with views of a courtyard of ginkgo trees with parrots sitting in them. Now I have a desk in a crowded and messy office. The redeeming factor is that my office mates are all terrific people. And we’re moving to a new office in a couple months. I’m still waiting for my new visa to be processed – that’s proved to be a bit of a hassle because my visa was attached to my last job and I’ve had to apply for a new one even though I still work for the same organization.

Brian and I have developed a chronic addiction to the TV series The West Wing. A knitting friend borrowed me the first three seasons on DVD and we had devoured them within a couple weeks. She’s overseas for a couple months so I had to find another friend to borrow me seasons four through seven (that’s all of them). We’ve just started season seven and I think I will actually feel very sad when its all over; sometimes I find myself thinking about the characters during the day….sad I know, but if you’ve watched The West Wing, I think you’ll understand. I feel like I’ve discovered the series too late; all these years of ultra-conservative agendas and I could have been retreating to the Democratic daydream of the Bartlett administration. Oh well, I still like to pretend it’s all true.

I’m taking another semester of African drumming classes and loving it. Last week Brian and I did a drumming and dancing workshop with a master drummer who was visiting Canberra (in case you were having trouble envisioning Brian dancing I should mention that only I did the dance workshop). Lots of fun!

Last night I helped to organize a presentation on campus by Lynette Chiang from Bike Friday. We met Lynette in Oregon at our friend Walter’s graduation party several years ago (he also works for Bike Friday). Funny because when we met her, we were only a couple months away from moving to Australia and she happened to not only be from Australia, but had done her degree at ANU. So she’s back visiting family and friends and giving talks about her world travels and the super cool new addition to the Bike Friday line, the Tikit. Planning a bike ride on Sunday with her and a group of people, but go figure – it hasn’t rained in ages but it’s supposed to this weekend. Back up plan, breakfast out at Tilley’s.


  1. SO... "borrowed me". Australian or Minnesotan? :)

  2. Hmmm....sounded fine to me.

    Borrowed the first three seasons to me.

    Is that better?