Saturday, May 31, 2008

Environment Top on Australia's List

Australians believe that the environment is the most important issue facing Australia now and in five years time, according to the results of an ANU Poll.

“When asked in an open-ended question what are the most important problems facing Australia, 19 percent of the survey respondents mentioned the environment, including global warming and sustainability. The environment also tops the list when people are asked the most important issue facing Australia in 5 years’ time.”

“Other issues that are rated as important are the economy, health care, and water management.
“It is clear from these results that the environment has very quickly become a hot issue. As recently as 2004, only 6 percent rated the environment as the most important issue facing the country.

“What is really interesting is that Australians seem to have much greater concern for the environment than the US public, who in a recent poll identified the economy and jobs and the war in Iraq as the biggest problems facing their country. For Americans, the environment did not make the top 5 issues.

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