Sunday, May 25, 2008

CSI Lyneham

Disclaimer for Parents:
What you are about to read should not be construed to mean that we live in a dodgy neighborhood.

Last week when Brian went out to feed the worms (okay that sounds funny so I'll remind you that we keep a worm farm in our breezeway for composting kitchen scraps) he noticed a big footprint on the door. When he looked a little closer he noticed tool marks on the frame near the lock and came to the unsettling conclusion that someone had tried to force their way into the side door of the house. Fortunately, they failed.

What's interesting about this story is that after we called the cops to report it and they came to have a look at it once, they decided to send a forensics team back to do a full investigation! I wasn't here at the time, but Brian says that they took a whole series of photographs, dusted for fingerprints and did a gel print of the footprint! They would have done a further investigation of the tool markings as well, but they were on a wooden frame and apparently tool markings are unique, but can only be successfully traced from a metal surface.

So, I continue to feel that we live in a really safe city and proof of that might be that law enforcement has the time to investigate our petty little almost-a-crime scene.

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