Friday, March 14, 2008

Bicycle Blender Fame

Celebrate Sustainability Day drew a bit of media attention because we put out a media release about the bicycle blender. One radio station came along and did an interview while the interviewer pedaled herself a smoothie. It was clearly a big hit.

Some photos from the event also made it into the ANU e-newsletter. Take a look at the photos at this link, and be sure you look at all of the photos on the page.

You looked at the photos? How funny is it that on that page, two photos from Celebrate Sustainability Day get the top of the page, while the Prime Minister and Jackie Chan get the bottom of the page!?! So, that's a funny story too...I received an email saying that the Prime Minister was going to be on campus with Jackie Chan to launch the new Jackie Chan Science Centre, and I deleted the message because I thought it was spam! Then I see this page and find out that it was real, but was bottom of the page news compared to the bicycle blender. Ha!


  1. bicycle blenders are way cooler than the PM!

  2. Looks like fun with a great reward at the end. Frozen yogurt instead of or in addition to ice?