Sunday, February 03, 2008

February 3rd: Second Anniversary

Today is the second anniversary of our arrival in Australia! We spent the day with our friend Millie making a bicycle powered blender. It's not quite finished yet and I forgot my camera so I didn't get any photos. To be honest, at the moment it looks more like a medieval torture device than a blender...but I'll be sure to get photos when it's up and running. We hope to be making smoothies with it on campus on the 28th of February for Celebrate Sustainability day at ANU.


  1. I know capital costs and so forth, just always wanted the stationary bikes and treadmills to power the lights or have some other use at the rec. center.

  2. I mentioned that the other day to someone and still couldn't believe it as I was saying it..."2 years". Wow!

    Love you and miss you and talk to you soon!

    P.S. Awesome about the smoothies from the bike-powered blender. :)