Sunday, December 16, 2007

Veggie Garden Gone Wild

While in India we were pondering whether our garden would be completely demolished by slugs and snails by the time we got home. They'd been quite a serious problem for the little seedlings and as we were away, we couldn't go out on our nightly slug killing missions. The things you'll do to maintain an organic garden! We'd put in a drip hose and installed a timer so we weren't so much worried about water, just the hungry little beasts. This photo is of our garden in early November, just a couple of weeks before leaving for India...

And this photo is what we found upon returning from India! The weather had warmed up and there had been lots of rain while we were away and this was the result!

Here I am crunching on a snap pea and standing next to sweet corn, in front of that the tallest zucchini plants I've ever seen, and in front of those and to the left, a few of our many tomatoes.

We also have ~10 potatoes (which came up from the compost - one as tall as the corn), 3 kinds of lettuce, 3 kinds of pumpkins, rock melon (cantaloupe), ~20 capsicums (peppers), silver beet, carrots, 3-4 kinds of beans, 3 kinds of peas, about ~30 corn and we have about 30-40 tomato plants.
Clearly Brian's composting efforts have paid off. The soil the plants are in is made up entirely of compost he started when we moved into this place in January and everything was grown from seeds. Impressive, eh?

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  1. Wow. I will forward link to Claire, Janet, and Sue - all gardeners.